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Nutrition & Remote Training

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Macro Program & Remote Workouts 

We offer 2 versions of a four week program for our Macro Plan:

Venmo: Nicole-Esman




Our basic plan includes: meal guidelines, recipes, our grocery list, FAQ, macros 101 and bi weekly check-ins.

  • Meal ideas into a guideline so you are not left wondering what to eat!

  • Our recipes are super easy to follow, and we have made all of them, so we know they are good! 

  • The grocery list is super helpful to get started with macros. You are able to make multiple meals with every ingredient! 

  • FAQ, we gathered the questions our clients continue to ask and felt it was best we share those with you right off the bat! 

  • Tracking document to get you started!

  • The bi-weekly check ins are email only! Wednesdays and Sundays will be our check in days! We encourage you to write down things as you go along and we can check in on those 2 days! 

  • We will also have pre generated questions for you that we’d like you to answer on those days! This is a great basic start to macros!



Our unlimited plan includes: meal guidelines, recipes, our grocery list, FAQ, macros 101 and unlimited support. 

Our Unlimited plan has everything the Basic does, except we offer UNLIMITED texting/emails/ support. If you have questions at any time about foods, percentages, etc, we are here for you! 



To add our remote workouts to either the basic or unlimited macro plan, it will be an additional $65. You will receive 3 workouts a week via PDF with photos and descriptions! 

If you are interested in just remote workouts, please email !

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